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Miami-Dade Sanitary Sewer Project

Miami-Dade County broke ground recently on a multi-year program they say will provide sanitary sewer service to thousands of residents with septic tank systems. The county says that approximately 120,000 septic tank systems are still in use in Miami-Dade and that 9,000 are vulnerable to compromise or failure under current groundwater conditions.

“As sea-level rise increases, this number will grow to approximately 13,500 by 2040,” the county said in a news release. “Compromised and failing septic tank systems can cause public health risks, environmental impacts, and negative impacts on private properties.”

The initial lateral sewer lines will be installed to connect 340 homes on already failing septic tanks that are spewing human waste into the groundwater and bay.

If you live in the Little River Adaptation Action Area or other low-lying areas of Miami-Dade county, contact Sewer Solutions to see the solutions we provide to residents of South Florida.